About Cincinnati Ohio

Cincinnati Ohio has a rich history. Because it sites on a river, it played a vital role in as a port for the Union. Today, Cincinnati is a vibrant city with plenty to do for tourists and locals alike. If you’re stopping by for the weekend or for business here are some entertainment ideas.

Sports Teams: Cincinnati Ohio

It’s been a long time since both professional Cincinnati sports team were actually relevant. In 2013 the Bengal’s are considered a lock for the playoffs and with a little luck from the Red Rocket, they might have a chance to go deep. Paul Brown Stadium is located along the river in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

The other pro team that calls Cincinnati home are the Reds. It seems like the Red’s haven’t been relevant since the days of the Big Red Machine. One of, if not the best team to ever suit up in the major leagues. Today they dress an impressive squad headed by Canadian Joey Votto and flashy second baseman Brandon Phillips.

If you’re looking to catch some college hoops, the Bear Cats consistently make it to the big dance in March and usually have a talented squad.

Pizza at LaRosa’s

LaRosa’s pizza has been around for over 60 years and remains as one of the best places to get a slice of pizzah! Today it’s an established chain and it seems like there is a LaRosa on every corner.

Bike Rentals

As in most major cities you can rent bikes for $30 for the day and take a self tour of the city. There are countless areas to explore, but one of the favorite is the Ohio River bike path. It winds it’s way through downtown

Once you’re done on the bike stop over to a Smoothie King to get a healthy green smoothie

Coney Island Amusement Park

Coney Island

Coney Island amusement park is fun for all ages. They have smaller rides for the kiddies and newer rides for thrill seekers. You won’t fight lines which is a nice change of pace. They also host a variety of live shows featuring singers and dancers.

Night Life

Downtown Cincinnati hosts a variety of night clubs, bars and restaurants. There are also a variety of places which host live music events. So whatever you’re in the mood for cincinnati has you covered!

So whether you’re in Cincinnati for the weekend or are planning a trip, there is plenty to do to keep you entertained.


Tactical Knife

Tactical gear can be tough to find in some parts of the States. Not everyone loves their Ka-Bar Tac Knives as much as the folks in Ohio. So with that in mind we decided to create a list of the best spots to hunt (no pun intended) down gear for all your tactical needs.

1. North Side Surplus

Even though their website looks like it’s straight out of the 90s don’t let that fool you. North Side Surplus has an amazing selection of tactical gear, although it is primarily tactical clothing. They do have a few bits and pieces of gear like the odd knife or compass but generally these folks sell high end clothing perfect for hunting, camping and a full line of camo gear. Regardless of whether you’re looking for gear to stay cool and dry or warm on a cold morning North Side Surplus has you covered.

They are located on Spring Grove Ave which is conveniently located. Next time you’re in Cincinnati and you need some hunting gear check out North Side. They’ll get your fitted up for your next adventure.

2. Trenton Tactical

Although Trenton Tactical isn’t in Cinncy (it’s actually in Hamilton) it’s worth the drive. Trenton tactical has your full line up of gear. Need paracord? They got you covered. You know a store has everything when they sell Bayonets which is exactly what Trenton carries. A full line of badass bayonets for every rifle.

They also carry some awesome axes from high end brands such as Smith and Wesson. And nothing says ready for battle like a cold steel war hammer.

Hamilton, Ohio is located North of Cinncy. It’s a pretty nice drive and can make a good day trip if you have some time and you’re interested in browsing the goods.

3. Online – Amazon.com

The beautiful thing about todays day and age is if you can’t find it in the stores you know exactly where to go – online or as I like to call it on-the-line. Amazon is a surefire (do you see what I did there with surefire?) for all of your tactical needs. Basically any major company worth their salt has a presence on Amazon.

The best part about it all is you most products are very competitively priced and they offer free shipping on a lot of items. They carry everything from tactical flashlights, to pens, knives and tomahawks. The only thing you can’t get is firearms. Those are better left to individual stores who can assure they’re selling to the right kind of people.

Whether you are traveling to Cincinnati looking for a spa or beauty resort to relax in or from the Cincinnati area just wanting to spend your day off in relaxation, you will be happy to know that there are many places to do just that in town. If you’re like me, you’re a sucker for beauty. I love everything about beauty — from putting on my mascara in the morning, to picking out the perfect eye shadow, to taking great care of my skin. These spas and beauty retreats are full of amenities to help you relax such as salon services, nail and skin, and massages and body care services.

Here are 5 beauty retreat destinations located in Cincinnati:

The Woodhouse Day Spa

spa-praia-dos-amores-131Woodhouse Day Spa in Cincinnati is known for the top quality services provided to its clients. The spa itself is located in a cute and charming spot of Cincinnati, and the inside immediately gives off a luxury and relaxation vibe. Upon entering, the client id given a personal locker and super soft and luxurious robe and slippers. The staff and massage therapists of the spa are dedicated in making your stay one of only relaxation. There is even a quiet room in which clients wait for their next services so they do not have to hear reception. The massages vary from traditional ones such as deep tissue and Swedish, but they also offer individual sections of the body and facials as well.

Village Spa

This adorable old house in Cincinnati has been turned into a luxurious spa and salon. The space doesn’t lack parking which can be an issue with houses as businesses. You will stay downstairs if you are having a salon service done, and the spa area is upstairs. Immediately, the staff offer you a robe and slippers to slip on if you are waiting for a spa service. Water is also offered. With massage services, expect to communicate with the massage therapist as they communicate with you to figure out what spaces need the most tension and attention. If you’re looking for a quick in and out place, try somewhere else. This place is dedicated to making you feel at home.

Tuscany Spa and Salon

This charming Cincinnati salon has a Tuscan inspired and themed environment. They have been featured in Inspire magazine as one of the top salon and spas and in NewBeauty magazine as one of the first 5-star beauty destinations in Ohio. The environment is very warm and welcoming helping customers relax and release tension along with their staff which has been recognized for its over the top customer service.

Avalon Salon and Aesthetic Day Spa

Avalon Salon and Aesthetic Day Spa is a full service Salon as well as a Physician supervised Medical Spa. As a destination Day Spa and Salon, Avalon is created with the sole purpose to maximize your overall pleasurable experience. Their promise is to make you feel rejuvenated, revitalized and restored no matter how long you stay.

Mantra Massage and BodywoRx

A spa which invites you to unwind, indulge, heal, and energize yourself, this is one that cannot be looked over. The spa is a holistic wellness center wit a referral network to other local experts to provide the best pathways to health and healing. Alternative healing choices like acupuncture can be found here, too.

Welcome to Cincinnati!

find a dentist in cincinnatiYour dental hygiene may not be the first thing on your mind when you travel here (or anywhere), but it’s just as important as eating healthy, getting a good night’s sleep, and showering regularly. Cincinnati has a lot of dentists to offer, but it’s up to you to find the right one for yourself. Make sure that when you do your searching, you find out basic things like pricing, hours of operation, how long the doctor has been in practice, insurance coverage/policies, and the basic reputation of their business. If there are any other important attributes you’d like to have in a dentist, be sure to get clear information on these as well.

There are some great options out there for finding a dentist in any city you’re in. Here’s some great tips when you’re looking for one in the city:

1) The best possible thing you can do while traveling is maintain your dental health!

Don’t overlook any part of your health just because you’re away from home. Of course you won’t want to bring every single item your washroom drawers, but it’s a wise decision to bring the necessities. Your toothbrush/toothpaste is a given. (If you do electric toothbrushes, you should make sure of your charging cord. If you haven’t decided on electric, Oral B and Panasonic basically rule the market). This is something you shouldn’t be without on any trip. Secondly, and equally important is floss. We all know how much of a pain (literally) flossing can be, but it doesn’t have to be.

A great replacement for traditional, painful thread floss, is a water flosser. Coming in different models (corded, batter powered, chargeable, and attachable to a sink), any of these are great to take traveling with you. There are ones great for travel specifically, being smaller and easily packed. You can floss in seconds with a water flosser, and avoid the tediousness of standard floss. You can essentially bring it anywhere.

2) Ask around. Friends, family, locals.

No one knows better than the people who live here! If you have friends or family in the area, don’t be afraid to ask. They’ll know more first hand than you can find out during a phone call to an office. After all, who knows better than someone who has been there and experienced the quality of service they provide. If you aren’t visiting family or friends, local residents will know best. Perhaps finding shops surrounding the dental offices are a great place to start asking. Often, you will find someone who knows the dentist or another one that they may be able recommend.

3) Look up reviews online.

These days there are countless amounts of review websites online. If you have a favorite, it’s as easy as entering “Cincinnati” and searching for dentists in their search bar. If you’re unfamiliar with such sites, Google can be your best friend. Simply search for “reviews on dentists in Cincinnati” and you’ll be faced with countless amounts of first hand reviews for almost any dentist in town. From there, you’re free to find which dental office suits your needs best.

4) Walk around, scout out some dentists in person.

There’s nothing like stumbling on something new by yourself! Take a stroll down street and see what’s near where you’re staying. It’s a good idea to find one close by in case of any emergencies.

Cincinnati is a city with a range of different things to see and do, from architecture to tourist sites. But if in between all of this, you decide a bit of shopping is the next logical step, then there are no shortage of great shopping locations in the city.

Try Findlay Market for some afternoon shoppingFindlay Market

Findlay Market is the oldest continuously operated public market in Ohio and is just blocks away from Over-the-Rhine, the historic neighborhood of Cincinnati packed with 19th century architecture. The market opens from Tuesday to Sunday and has over 20 indoor merchants based there. Everything from meat and fish to cheese, deli and flowers can be purchased.

On Saturdays and Sundays from April to November, there are regular farmers markets as well as outdoor vendors and street performers.

Kenwood Towne Centre

Kenwood Towne Centre is 12 miles north of downtown and has something for every taste of shopper. From the best work boots for men to the newest fashions for the ladies there are more than 180 stores in one location. There are also plenty of big name stores present including Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us and Staples as well as Aveda, Build-A-Bear and L’Occitane.

When you want a break from all those shops, there are also a number of eating places in the complex. As well as a Food Court, there are a number of specialist cafes and restaurants and even a Cheesecake Factory.

Hyde Park Square

Hyde Park Square is one of the oldest shopping areas in the city and features 175 shops, restaurants and services, which means you can do everything in one spot. From speciality shops and boutiques to professional and legal services everything is covered here.

There are also a range of annual and regular special events including an art show in October and regular farmer’s markets.

Other spots

Mt Adams has been a shopping spot for over 100 years and has shopping, dining and entertainment facilities. You can also find the Gilded Age, an art and antiques shop and Studio 23, which is a gallery that offers classes as well as shopping.

O’Bryonville is the home of the best antique galleries and stores in the city. It is on the 2000 block of Madison Road just west of Hyde Park and features two fine art galleries as well as the various antique shops.

Tower Place is in the heart of downtown Cincinnati and has dozens of stores as well as dining and entertainment opportunities. Some favorite names are found here including Ann Taylor and The Gap as well as unique boutique shops.

If you are a music fan, check out Shake It Records on Hamilton Avenue in the Northside neighborhood. It usually has 30,000 CDs and 8000 vinyls in stock ranging from unusual 1950s R&B artists to blue grass albums.

Getting around

Getting around Cincinnati is a simple affair as it is served by a selection of diesel or hybrid buses, as well as streetcars in Downtown which operates 18 hours a day.

If there is one thing I have learned being a nurse (or a biller or coder) is that I have no idea what could come through the door any day. Being a nurse, one gets to work with patients in all kinds of situations. You’ve got emergencies, patient contact, and being responsible for their lives. It’s a very hands-on experience with someone’s own life and health.

There’s nothing I love more than helping those around the Cincinnati area. These are my people, and I love to be a part of their medical care.

If you’re new to the nursing scene, it’s okay. It really does get better. It may seem frustrating, scary, or whelming at first, but with time and experience, you will see more joys coming from the work field like you imagined in with eagerness in nursing school.

It’s also important to point out that not every nurse will have the same experiences. Working as a nurse in the ER will have very different results than a pediatric nurse, like myself, and so and so fourth. Nurses are the glue that holds the hospital together as they serve as that vital connection between patient and doctor.

I consider myself to be very blessed to work with children, while others may find my job too hard or heartbreaking, I find the job to be extremely fulfilling even though the heart breaks. When you’re making a physical or emotional difference in someone’s life and health, it’s like your own soul and being are being healed as well. When we make vital connections with those around us, we realize the importance in living healthy and to our full potential.

I come to work everyday with a different colored scrub, depending on how well laundry is going. Working with children gives me an excuse to wear Disney characters on my scrubs or flowers and nice patterns, when in reality, I’d be wearing these all the time if I could or if it was appropriate. It instantly boosts the kids’ morale and they become excited or familiar characters that the pain seems to subside or they are distracted enough for a shot to occur, for example.

Even though I am working with children, there is never a dull moment at the hospital. I have to come into work with my feet running and hit the ground ready to help. I come in ready to see what patients are coming in for the day, and immediately have to begin reading charts and documents of medical histories.

Working with children never leaves a dull moment in my career, as they can be very blunt but extremely kind-hearted at the same time. They’ll tell me if they don’t like what I’m doing, or if something is working for them, and I approve on my job that much more. Once you work with a special kid or a child that has touched your heart, you’re hooked on the nursing and medical care life for good.

After a long sometimes 12-hour day, I leave the hospital knowing I did my best for the children of the Cincinnati area, and enjoy a night out in my favorite city.

Thinking New York is the only place to get a fashionable local scene? Think again! Cincinnati is not only home to different top-notch art institutions to study fashion, such as The Art Institute Ohio, but since 2009 Cincinnati can add Cincinnati Fashion Week to the list. Cincinnati Fashion Week has been working its way up to being a style influencer within the fashion and lifestyle industries of the Central Midwest. 

Stylists aren’t just for the rich and famous.  Many stylists and fashion outlets are working with your budget to interpret and define your wardrobe. Cincinnati has a surplus of style bloggers who capture the creativity and spirit of the city and improve NYC’s image of the Midwest, one outfit at a time.

Spring has got the fashion world buzzing lately, and it’s no surprise that Cincinnati will provide the latest spring fashions.  Stores such as Cincinnati Premium Outlets are just one example of many fashion brands in one place.

Here is a sneak peak for fashion trends popular in Cincinnati for Spring 2014:

  • Boxy, cropped jackets. These pair great with high-waisted dress pants for a look that is more polished.
  • Contrast collar button downs.  Some dress shirts even come with contrasting color and textured collars
  • Wide-leg pants. Look chic with these wide-leg pants, and if you’re short shop for the high-waisted ones!
  • Mid-ankle skirts. Add just the right amount of volume for days you feel like covering up more, but still want a skirt feel.
  • Bomber jackets. These jackets go great with a spring floral pattern.
  • Collarless coats. Go great with your favorite dressy pants to give a more causal, but still chic look.
  • Orange is the new black. Get ready to see more of this fiery color across the runway and on the streets. Can’t escape orange this spring.
  • Cropped shirts. Bold cut off and cropped shirts are reappearing again and again for the spring fashion trends.

The trick for spring fashion, or any season fashion, is chose something that fits you. Don’t ever wear something just because you’re told that it’s in style if you hate it! Part of fashion is the statement it brings to you and your personality. Own your fashion choices and have it represent everything unique about you.

If you’re still feeling lost and need more helping keeping up with Cincinnati fashion, just one simple Google search can lead a fashion enthusiast in the world of personalized shoppers , bloggers, and stylists all dealing with Cincinnati and their fashion. This can help one stay in touch with fashion, without having to break the bank and do it themselves to add their own personal flair.

With Cincinnati’s city rich in culture and unique personality, stylists encourage Cincinnati dwellers to explore the city and find what speaks to them. The city we are from or live in plays a huge role of who we are, so our fashion should represent this as well.


Packing up the car and hitting the road spontaneously can be one of the more liberating things we can do. Whether you want to see the country, bond with friends, or make some memories with your significant other; a road trip doesn’t have many downfalls.

I remember my friends and I took a trip to New Orleans in my friends mid-sized SUV, and we packed six of us in there. It was cramped, but I wouldn’t have done it any different.

I want you guys to have a similar experience. I am putting together a list of great road trip destinations to help you make the decision.

Pacific Coast Highway: This is definitely the scenic route. The drive is easy, fun, and, well, scenic as hell. We recommend you stop at the historic coastal town of Monterey. While you’re there, hit the Monterey Aquarium. There are also plenty of shops and restaurants to try. You don’t want to make your trip all about shopping and eating at nice places. Most of the beauty of getting on the road is getting away from civilization for a bit, but these are some places we recommend you try.

Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park, Montana: Alright, we said the last destination was the scenic route, but this one definitely is the scenic route. Glacier National Park is an awesome destination. This is a 50 mile road in northern Montana that is nothing but pure, lightly touched mother nature. There are few spots like this in the United States these days. I highly recommend this drive.

Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia & North Carolina: Go during the fall. There are few places as gorgeous. The foliage is outstanding. Also, hit the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. It’s a massive, gorgeous, 200-room mansion.

Cincinnati, Ohio: Cincinnati is in the bread basket of the US, and there are plenty of awesome places to see here. One of our favorites is the American Sign Museum, which gives you a really cool feel for the evolution of Americana, which is enhanced by being in such an American place. If you’re planning on traveling across country, make sure Cincinnati is on your list of places to stop!

Olympic Peninsula, Washington: You’re going to want to start off on Highway 101 in Seattle. This is a 330 mile trip takes you around the Olympic Peninsula. It’s long, scenic, and you will be sure to leave civilization for a while. Really, you’re going to love it. Make a quick trip to Victoria British Columbia, it’s just a ferry ride away.

Brandywine Valley, Delaware & Pennsylvania: This will be one of your shortest trips at only 12 miles. However, it’s no less worthy of a drive. Routes 100 and 52 wind through the scenic country of the Brandywine Valley that once was home to the über-rich American aristocracy of the 20th-century, and the roads are still lined with their summer estates, including the 982-acre residence owned by the late Henry Francis du Pont. Before you leave Kennett Square, Pa. to embark on the drive through the pristine countryside of the Brandywine Valley, stop at the 1,077 acre-Longwood Gardens, which has 20 indoor gardens, an outdoor topiary and spring-fed lakes.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts: This is one I can’t tell you from experience. Besides PCH, it may well be the most popular drive in the bunch. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s just fantastic.

Preparing For A Trip To Cincinnati, Ohio

You have picked your destination. You are on your way.  How do you get the most out of your travel plans? You make sure you are well rested during the day to maximize your enjoyment. Whether you are traveling for an overnight stay, a long weekend, or a week or longer, you pack certain things to make your hotel or other temporary living accommodations, as close to home as possible. You bring certain clothes; you bring certain toiletries, and bring certain sleeping accessories to make your stay as restful and enjoyable as possible.  Some people have a favorite blanket. Others bring a certain alarm clock. The easiest is to bring your best pillow. And not only is it easy to pack, it is also the best accessory to ensure a restful, calming, and restorative sleep.
One destination to enjoy is Cincinnati, Ohio. There are so many different attractions, so many different places to see in Cincinnati that you cannot adequately cover it all in one day. Therefore, ensuring peaceful, restful sleeping, with your best pillow is essential.   Sometimes, you can get less hours sleep, so you can maximize your time in Cincinnati, as long as your rest is complete and comfortable.

Things To Do While You’re In Town

One location you definitely want to see is the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.  This is fun spot to visit for both grownups and kids alike. The grounds are especially beautiful during the spring tulip season, and with over 500 animals on site, everyone will find an intriguing and evocative sight to behold. Another location not to be missed is the Cincinnati Art Museum. One of the attractions is a wing dedicated to pieces of art, sculpture, pottery, and ceramics that detail the artistic history of Cincinnati. The Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center allows you to browse great works of art form the modern era. Other important museums are the Cincinnati History Museum, the Duke Energy Museum and the Museum of Natural History and Science.

As much as the museums are integral to the history of the city, another location that is integral to our nation?s history is the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.  This center celebrates what happened when escaped slaves from the South used the Underground Railroad to move up North to find freedom and safety. A favorite of mine are the sports stadiums in Cincinnati, especially for the Bengals and the Reds. The Reds have been in professional baseball since before 1900. There is a Hall of Fame on site that traces not only the Reds history but can be seen as a parallel track of the Major Leagues. Depending on the time of year when you visit, you should look into catching a sporting event.

Have Fun At Kings Island

And in case sports, history and art do not impress the kids, you take a trip to Kings Island. Kings Island is an amusement park that has something for all ages. There is an Eiffel Tower replica, a huge roller coaster, and a Peanuts themed area, with Snoopy and the gang. After spending a day here, you will definitely need a good night sleep.  What better way than with your best pillow? Cincinnati is a gorgeous city, one that should not be missed, or rushed. There are more sights to see than those listed here, so pack a toothbrush, grab your pillow and travel to the city by the river.


Thinking about spending some pampering time just to get used to the winter holidays atmosphere? Well, then you could offer yourself the best gift there is – several hours at the spa, right here in Cincinnati! This is the perfect way to forget about all the trouble and to relax while others are taking care of you and not the other way round. As a consequence, we have written this article to present some beauty salons and spas from your city. Every salon includes a short description and of course, reviews from their customers, so that, in the end, you should be able to choose the right one for you.

The first one to be presented is Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa – 5 locations in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This one has a wide range of services – spa, salon, brides, style center and even a special section for men! You have many possibilities here – you can pick a single service, or a full package, or take your wedding party there and benefit from a pampering time with your girls. The place looks amazing – it is so luxurious that makes every woman who walks in feel like a princess. The whole atmosphere is calm and it transmits you the serenity we all need these days. As soon as you enter the building and leave the city’s noise behind, you will fall in love with this place. Now, let’s get to the services we are interesting in – the cosmetics! For a makeup the prices are between $50 and $64, depending on who is applying it (you can choose from a designer, master designer, salon director, artistic director and senior artistic director). They are also having makeup lessons, where you can learn from the best how to create your own look with professional makeup brushes (everything from blush brushes to kabuki brushes). One lesson costs $75. The reviews are all great! Everybody appreciated the employees’ warm welcome and friendly attitude. They are also said to be professional and deliver good quality services. The customers like their calm attitude and the fact that they give pieces of advice you can follow at home. All in all, here you can find luxurious and calm atmosphere, friendly employees and high quality services!

You can also check BestMakeupBrushesGuide.org to help you find the top of the line makeup brushes – whether you want to buy a complete set or the best kabuki brush.

The next one is Tuscany Spa Salon. Here too you have many services including salon and spa with hair, massage, nail, face and body services. Their salon is decorated in the tuscan style and inspires a relaxing and calm atmosphere. As for the clients, they too have a section dedicated to men and special packages for these ones. If you have planned a date and want to look perfect for it, then this is the place to go before the big moment – they have a spa package named “Romantic Date” that includes manicure and pedicure, special occasion hair style and makeup application. The price for all these services is $205. The reviews are all positive. The customers appreciated the fact that they don’t have to wait much before the appointment that they are always served with beverages and the employees are very friendly. They are also extremely patient and listen to your indications. Another plus is the high quality makeup brushes they use. In conclusion, it’s worth going there!

Another salon with great reviews is Valenti Salon and Spa with 2 locations in Cincinnati. They have hair, nail, skin, massage and bridal services. Their salon has regular customers who come here from the moment the spa opened. And no wonders they are happy here, all hair services for example, include stress relieving scalp massage, customized conditioning treatment, hot towel treatment & Aveda mini-facial! The employees know how to treat the customers, they are professional and they create amazing looks, just like the ones from Hollywood. The salon has another great feature – the clients can play computer games while waiting for their color to set in! Or they can choose to have their nails polished in this time – a great aspect for those on the go! So this is the right place to go when you need you have to change your look and also when you need some relaxation.

No matter which salon you will be choosing, just remember to relax and have fun!

Carrying a Weapon in Ohio

If you are going to carry a weapon, you need to check your state laws regarding concealed carry permits.  A concealed carry permit will allow you legally carry your firearm on your person.  You will still need to comply with the regulations of where you are visiting (such as a school or racetrack – they may not allow firearms on the premises at all, with or without a permit), but many locations will allow you to carry the firearm on your person (such as a grocery store or a restaurant).

Gun Safety


Reciprocity, in this context, refers to one state accepting another state’s concealed carry permit. This means that if you have a concealed carry permit in Ohio, and you travel to Michigan, you could still legally carry your weapon with you (just like you do in Ohio).   Keep in mind though, that just because Ohio recognizes Michigan’s permit, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Michigan recognizes Ohio’s permit.   If you got in trouble with the law in Michigan, and were frisked with a gun on your person, you would show your concealed permit and you should be fine (in that respect – I don’t know why you were in trouble with the law in the first place).  Check the reciprocity for Ohio at: http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Law-Enforcement/Concealed-Carry/Concealed-Carry-Reciprocity-Agreements  (Some states even require that you have a  gun safe to keep your firearms out of the hands of children. We have the best biometric gun safe that money can buy.)

You may be wondering why every state doesn’t have reciprocity with every other state?  Wouldn’t that be easier?  Yes, that would be easier, but unfortunately, that’s not the way it works.  Each state retains the right to set their own standards on concealed carry permits, and therefore they can choose whether or not to accept the permit of another state.  If you plan to go on a roadtrip, you need to check the laws of all states that you are driving through to make sure that you follow the state regulations.  Some states will allow you to have a gun in your car even if they don’t have reciprocity with your state, but you should always check and be educated before you leave.